The Unit Transfer Method by Best Selling Author of Highly Acclaimed “Mastering Heuristics Series” 

Solve Any Challenging Maths Questions across the topics of Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Ratios & Percentages!

Who: Parent & Child (in P4 - P6)

When: Oct 6th (Sun) @ 2pm -5pm 

Where: 195A, Goldhill Cte Thomson Rd 

Fee: $48 (per parent & child)

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If you are looking for more effective, easier and less stressful way to help your child solve challenging Maths problems, Read on...

Dear Concerned Parent,  

My name is Sunny Tan, Best Selling Author of the highly acclaimed “Mastering Heuristics Series", which has sold over 10,000 copies to date.  

Before I wrote the books and set up my learning centre, I taught Primary and Secondary Maths in various streams in schools.  

Those years of experience equipped me with the knowledge and insight to establish the “Mastering Heuristics Series", which imparts essential techniques that have helped thousands of students to excel in Primary Maths over the past ten years.

I can say that with utmost confidence, as many of my students have gone on to ace their PSLE Maths exam, without wasting time on cumbersome (and confusing!) methods such as algebra.  

Instead, they mastered my proprietary Unit Transfer Method, a simple yet powerful problem-solving tool that will enable your child to solve 90% of challenging PSLE Maths questions!  

This ONE Key Problem-Solving Tool will help your child to effectively analyse and solve problems across a wide range of commonly tested topics, such as whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, speed and rate…fast!  

So, if you're as excited as I am for your child to grasp this invaluable technique... here is the good news:-  

I'll be holding a 3-hour Parent & Child's workshop where the full Unit Transfer Method will be taught.  

Here's EXACTLY what you'll learn within 3 hours...

  • In-depth of the Unit Transfer Method™ to tackle any challenging Maths problems. 

  • Solve ANY challenging questions within 5 minutes each! 

  • Link the right concepts by identifying right keywords so that your child can choose the most effective and efficient strategy to solve them. 

  • Eliminate careless mistakes... even if your child is absent minded! 

  • Many more proven and powerful tips and strategies... solving the "hardest" questions (which are designed to differentiate the A and A*) 

Fast Action Bonuses (Worth $150) For The First 10 Parents To Register!  

Bonus 1: Unit Transfer Method Guidebook 

 The guidebook lays out the explanations & the application of the Unit Transfer Method step-by-step, so that you can understand and, in turn, teach your child.

Bonus 2: Web Teaching Videos

Teaching video lessons covering 7 MUST KNOW techniques to solve every single type of challenging questions across the topics of whole number, fraction, decimal, ratio and percentage ...equipping your child with EVERYTHING he or she needs to master the Unit Transfer Method!

Bonus 3: Downloadable PDF Worksheet 

These are the same materials given to our students. Step-by-step explanation videos are available, so parents and students can go through these solutions over and over again for emphasis, right to the last detail!

Bonus 4: VIP Membership To Facebook Group

You will get VIP Membership access to our Facebook Group where our community will respond to the questions your child might have when practicing the Unit Transfer Method.


What: Parent & Child (in P4 - P6)

When: Oct 6th (Sun) @ 2pm -5pm 

Where: 195A, Goldhill Cte Thomson Rd

Fee: $48 (per parent & child)

Yes, you read that correctly! ...

All these delivery modes in the bonues will continue to support your coaching journey for your child’s learning and application of the Unit Transfer Method, even though this parent's workshop itself is one-time-off! 

All you need to do is to register for this workshop fast to receive the entire bonuses free!  

Just my way of saying “Thank You!” for your trust and support for you and your child to master the Unit Transfer Method!

As far as I know, you’ll never get better value anywhere else!  

Just think about it. One time investment of $48 in exchange for helping your child jump from a B or C to an A or even A* . Pretty worthwhile, isn’t it?  

I’m sure as a parent, you feel heavily responsible for your child’s grades. There’s a huge burden on your shoulders. I know what it’s like. I have over 2 decades of experience in education after all.  

That’s why I made the decision to make this workshop highly affordable for you!  

I know your struggles. Your frustration. Your pain. And I can help. I want to help. Because I can do so much more than any other tutor. The results and mainstream recognition I’ve achieved proves that.  

So... are you ready to lift your child's Maths grade to A/A*?

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